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World Book Day 2014

What a BRILLIANT day!  I thought last year's World Book Day was great, but I think we've managed to top it yet again in 2014.  When you look back, there are so many memories of great moments during the day:

* Fabulous costumes from children and staff (and even 1 parent!), 

* Reading Breakfast with parents,

* New library opening with guests,

* Cathy Cassidy assembly,

* Fancy Dress Parade, 

* Cathy Cassidy workshops,

* Trips to WHSmith and Waterstones,

* Visits to the new library,

* Cathy Cassidy book signing

* And LOTS of book -related activities in classes

I'm not sure I can choose a favourite part of the day - I wonder if you can?


Please post below your thoughts about the day and your 'best bits'.


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Mr. Simpson

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Southport Air Show 2013

What a fabulous day!  I've just got back from the Southport Air Show where the winners of the Big Blog competition have had a day out to remember.  School governor, Mrs. Rawlinson, arranged for us not only to see the incredible show but also meet the world famous Red Arrows pilots.  The weather was beautiful and we even saw Mr. Morgan flying past waving in one of the aircraft at one point (so he says!)

I'll put a few photos in 'Gallery' tonight, then make a video for the podcast as soon as I can.

Children, I'd love to hear about your favourite parts of the day and descriptions of some of the amazing events...

The Big Blog - Northcote's summer of reading 2013

Welcome to Northcote's BIG BLOG. The idea is to inspire children of all ages in the school to read as much as possible during the long 6-week holiday. All the details are on the letter - if you have lost it you can find a copy on the 'Curriculum' page, then click on 'Literacy' and scroll down to documents. Thanks to Mrs. Rawlinson, one of our school governors, we are able to offer the amazing prize of a day out at the Southport Air Show which includes meeting the Red Arrows pilots and a free souvenir programme. Wow! So what do you need to do? Firstly, keep reading - every day if possible. Then log in to this blog and write about what you have been reading. Please read the letter for more tips... Good luck and enjoy your reading! Mr. Simpson

  Please note, although we can give prizes to Nursery / Reception / Y1 children if they take part, we will not be able to take them to Southport due to restrictions with transport and adult supervision.

Dance Fever Dance Show at Archbishop Beck

Wow!  I've just come home from Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College having enjoyed a night of dance and fashion.  Part of the show starred Northcote's very own Year 4 and 5 dancers, who performed magnificently in front of a huge audience on a gigantic stage.  Please view the video on the podcast and make a comment.  Congratulations to all the children for their skill and courage, and thank you to all the adults that made the opportunity possible for our children.

Please comment below about the show, whether you were one of the performers, a family member watching in the audience, or somebody who has seen the video on the blog.

Easter School - day 4

It's all over! But what fun we had. The question is, what were your best bits? Out of all the activities we did, which did you enjoy most and what new skills did you learn? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Easter School - day 3

Well done again everybody for being here. What are your reflections on today's activities?

Easter School - day 2

Welcome back. Today is about decorating, acting, eating and filming. Please write about your best bits...

Y6 Easter School

I'm really looking forward to next week's Y6 Easter activities in school.  Mrs. Monks, Miss Sheldon and me were planning next Tuesday's fun after school yesterday, and we decided to go for a Pizza theme!  We'll be making and of course eating our own pizzas, as well as making adverts which will be filmed and may well end up on the podcast site.

If you are in Y6 and coming along, what other activities could we do?  Any ideas will be considered.  And one other thing, what are your favourite pizza toppings?

FREE World Book Day books - which one did you choose?

Thanks to the help of Waterstones in Liverpool 1 and WHSmith in Bootle Strand, we were able to provide every child with one of the special WBD books this year.

The question is, which one is the best?  Can you answer by writing about:

  • The title of the book you chose
  • What is it about?
  • What do you think of the book?  (even if you haven't finished yet)

I would love to hear your opinions - happy reading!

Brilliant World Book Day

What a fantastic day!  Well done to all involved in World Book Day, in particular all the children and parents for the amazing costumes.  The reading breakfast was great, except for the fact I missed out on the toast! Never mind.  It was wonderful to see so many parents all over the school in school enjoying reading with the children.

Currently viewing 1-10 of 12 blog posts.

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